From the historic introduction of Agua Lavanda to the recent launch of Invictus, the company has gone from triumph to triumph. What has your formula been for ensuring such sustained success?
MP: By the time your company celebrates its 100th anniversary, you know something about success — and about failure, too. The most important thing is knowing when to change and then making the right choices. Over the past 100 years, we have been able to identify the right times for taking off in a new direction, and to make intelligent enough decisions to keep the company moving forward.
The company's creative drive has helped position Puig as an authentic brand builder. What is the secret behind its brands' ongoing development?
MP: I think we have many reasons to be pleased with what we have accomplished so far. We have scored many successes with the brands that we manage in the Puig portfolio or under the Puig umbrella, but there are still many things that we can do to make those brands even stronger.
Every step in the production of a Puig product is characterized by one unifying factor: a focus on excellence. Is this one of the main pillars of the Puig business model?
MP: When your own name appears on the products that you sell to the public, you feel a desire — a deep-rooted need — to put your absolute best into everything you make. There's a constant drive throughout the organization to do the best we can.
A fragrance can remain popular with the public for as long as 40 years, whereas a fashion collection has a shelf life of only six months. How has Puig managed to maintain a balance between the timeless quality of its fragrances and the frenetic pace of change in the fashion world?
MP: For me, that's the difficulty, the challenge and the beauty of it. Fragrance and fashion are two very different businesses, and that's why very few companies have been able to manage both within the same organization. Puig has been able to balance these two realities and offer the public a product range that somehow remains consistent and cohesive.
Every generation brings a new perspective to the company. Looking toward the future of Puig, what do you see?
MP: We have celebrated our 100th anniversary — something that you don't do every year. Puig is an organization, a team of people who, regardless of the challenges or goals, have always exceeded expectations. I have tremendous confidence in this company. We have a responsibility: we must remain highly ambitious and keep looking ahead.
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