Talent. Why Puig



Quote «We made three imporant decisions: we built a team in wich every person knew more in their field of expertise than we did; then we created a product; and third we developed an international vision for the company».


Enterprising. Hands-on. A person who gets results. A self-starter who combines initiative with perseverance. A curious, creative and collaborative individual, ready to take on responsibility from day one. Does that sound like you?

At Puig we do things differently. As a business founded and developed by entrepreneurs, we encourage risk-takers and innovators. As a family-run company, we know the value of a long-term vision: some of the most brilliant ideas need time to develop and mature.

If your ideal workplace is an environment where passion can flourish and people can thrive in the pursuit of outstanding performance, perhaps Puig is the place for you.

Learn more about the values, the culture and commitments that set Puig apart.