Talent. Growing People Together



Quote «There are fives stages of life. The first is learning how to do something; the second doing it; the third, really doing it; the fourth teaching how to do it; and the last, lettin go and letting others do it.»


Puig cultivates the talents of its people. A strong commitment to professional development and continuous training is a hallmark of our company culture.

Through programs that engage employees with the business strategy of our organization, through mentoring and coaching initiatives with Puig senior managers, through opportunities for mobility, we foster the talents and leadership skills required for success in a highly competitive industry.

Some examples:

  • - The Janus Program: A three-year program for talented employees;
    we call it the "Puig master's degree."
  • - Talent Pools: Functional initiatives created to broaden the perspectives
    and hone the skills of promising employees.
  • - Leadership Events: Advanced seminars designed for
    senior managers and executives.

Our goal is to ensure that our people realize their full potential and become the best that they can be. That is what we mean at Puig by growing people together.