Sustainability program to 2020

The first Puig Sustainability Program3 completed its cycle in 2020, not only achieving all the set targets, but also exceeding them in several cases.
Aware that our activity has a greater impact on certain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our first Sustainability Program focused mainly on environmental aspects.
Our firm commitment in this first program was to reduce the carbon footprint, promoting other complementary areas of work while ensuring the business continued to grow.

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Responsible consumption and production

    Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Climate action


Sustainable Development Goals

Structure of the 2014-2020 Sustainability Program

The 2014-2020 Sustainability Program promoted a 360º vision within the company for first time, not only through the actions defined, but also by engaging our governing bodies, professionals, suppliers, customers and consumers. With a holistic approach, the program was structured around five pillars aligned with our value chain and 13 programs, as well as three support programs and five ways of working, to ensure the maximum positive impact.
Offer one of the most sustainable product portfolios on the market.
Promote innovation, ecodesign and the circular economy to optimize and reduce our packaging.
Promote the use of sustainable materials and ingredients.
Ethical management of our supply chain to guarantee environmental and social commitment.
Include the sustainability variable as a requirement for contracting and qualifying as a supplier.
Adherence of our suppliers to our policies.
Guaranteeing the traceability of our raw materials.
Transformation of our logistics processes in collaboration with our suppliers.
Renewal of our fleets.
Implementation of efficient and restrictive procedures in order to minimize emissions associated with our logistics.
Increase the sustainability of our processes through waste management, use of water and carbon neutrality in manufacturing.
Sustainable transformation of all our buildings through energy-saving and efficiency measures that reduce the environmental footprint of our staff.
Motivational campaigns to engage everyone in our Sustainability Program and its objectives.


For more information, download Puig 2020 Sustainability Report

3 The scope of this program was the fragrance business unit in Spain and France.