Message from the chairman and CEO

“As a family business with long-term vision, sustainability is a part of the Puig DNA and of the company’s way of doing business. We strive to act as responsibly as we can within the constraints of the luxury industry with the aim of making the world a better place for generations to come by striking an ever better balance between our environmental stewardship and our business operations.”Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO
Marc Puig, Chairmand and CEO

Since 2014, when, coinciding with our 100th Anniversary, we took the decision to become a more responsible and sustainable company, we have launched a number of projects and initiatives that have helped us achieve the targets established in our Sustainability Program for 2020 ahead of schedule.

One of the first steps we took back then and something we continue to focus on is the alignment of our strategy with the most important international environmental initiatives, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the European Action Plan for speeding up the transition to a circular economy, and the Paris Climate Agreement, which define the roadmap that governments, businesses and citizens need to follow to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for everyone.

This new edition of the Sustainability Report describes the main projects carried out in 2019 in each of the five pillars of the Sustainability Program: Product Stewardship, Sustainable Sourcing, Responsible Logistics, Responsible Manufacturing, and Employees and Facilities.

The actions implemented within this program seek, directly or indirectly, to strengthen our commitment to reducing emissions throughout the entire value chain, involving our governing bodies, employees, suppliers, customers and consumers, always acting with the utmost responsibility to the extent possible in the luxury goods industry.

Once again, last year we were able to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining the growth of the business. The greatest impact in this reduction was achieved through projects and initiatives aimed at optimizing our product distribution, implementing dual diesel-gas technology, opening a new warehouse in central Europe and replacing air transport with sea transport. We can be proud of the fact that, in 2019, we reduced our logistics-related emissions by 9%.

In 2019 we worked hard to optimize our product distribution in order to reduce our logistics emissions. These efforts had a huge impact on the reduction in our carbon footprint and helped achieve the targets we had set.

Moreover, other initiatives such as the incorporation of new energy sources, the search for more environmentally friendly materials and raw materials, and greater awareness and involvement of all the teams in our organization, contributed to achieving an 8% reduction of the corporate carbon footprint.

In 2019, one of our main objectives was to increase our know-how on the circular economy in order to acquire the necessary skills that can allow us to incorporate this model into our creation and production processes and identify future business opportunities.

Although we had already launched several projects to promote this economic model, one of the most notable events in this regard was our Sustainable Week, an internal communication campaign to raise awareness about sustainability within the company which, for the first time, was deployed globally with record participation. Under the slogan “Join the REgeneration”, all of us at Puig were able to learn in detail about the circular economy model and the initiatives that the company has already implemented following this system.

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis have had an impact on our sustainability challenges for 2020. However, we will continue to promote the Sustainability Program among all our stakeholders and we will have to adapt to the challenges of this new normal which, at the moment, are still unknown.

We can be proud of the path we have followed so far, but it is in our hands to continue to find more sustainable ways of carrying out our activity within the sector in which we operate, always with the aim of leaving behind a better world for future generations.

Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO