Let’s work together to define

At Puig, we believe that consumers’ expectations of brands are changing. We also know that the Most Exciting New Ideas could come from outside Puig as well as from within.

For these New Exciting Ideas we have created Puig Futures, a new hub that works with the most Innovative Companies and Pioneering Entrepreneurs around the world to deliver breakthrough innovation for both our business and our industry.

Puig Futures has the capability to accelerate, partner, invest and acquire. We are committed to finding the best ways to work with companies and entrepreneurs that share our vision and that we believe have the potential to become long-term partners. Redefining the Future of Fragrance Together.


Looking for new ways to create value for our consumers across five dimensions:

  • NEW RELATIONSHIPS Can you help us to develop deeper relationships with new consumers in new ways?
  • NEW PRODUCTS Can you help us to create and develop innovative products that consumers will love?
  • NEW CHANNELS Can you help us to reach our consumers in new and more convenient ways?
  • NEW EXPERIENCES Can you help us to engage consumers in the stories and artistry that live at the heart of our fragrances?
  • NEW EFFICIENCIES Can you help to make us a better, more efficient, more sustainable company for the long run?


If you share our vision and passion for innovation in the fragrance industry, please write us to:

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