Paco Rabanne and metal, Paco Rabanne and light, Paco Rabanne and gold: an enduring love story recounted in evocative bottles and seductive fragrances.

In 2008, Paco Rabanne dropped a gold ingot in the world of perfumery. 1 MILLION is the fantasy of the good life supported by a strong and unexpected olfactory signature and an offbeat communication campaign. The famous gentleman snapper is born.

In 2010, the brand revealed its feminine alter ego Lady MILLION, just as playful and subversive. Flamboyance, passionate glamour and ostentatious pleasure were the name of the game. The bottle in the shape of a facetted diamond contributed to this dazzling new success.

In 2012, the Absolutely Gold versions in absolute concentrations came to enrich the MILLION universe.

Gold, more gold, and yet more gold! Introduced in 2013, 1 MILLION Intense unites all the attributes of seduction: the fantasy reaches its climax.

A new chapter is opening up in 2014: Lady MILLION Eau My Gold!, a tribute to freshness and sparkling expression of femininity.One year later, 1Million Cologne is taking us into a fantasy full of delirious and extravagant freshness, an uninhibited and exaggeratedly opulent world on the trail of a gentleman thief.

2016 welcomes the arrival of 1Million and Lady Million Privé: Red carpet, photographers and spotlights. Hollywood, Paris, London, Saint Petersburg. Luxury, opulence, glamour, vacuity.

Together, they run, get lost and hide. She's the Bonnie to his Clyde. In the line of fire is the pure pleasure of maddening, invigorating adrenaline that thrives on shivers.

A safe opens with a snap of the fingers. Sparkling, intense and precious: the famous gold bar and the insolent diamond.

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