In 2017, Pure XS announces the comeback of sex, or rather eroticism. Paco Rabanne, the master of fantasies, presents excess in its pure state, implicit, explicit and pure fantasy.

A fantasy embodied by an excessively perfect and perfectly indecent man. An unattainable heir who oozes sex and desire. Pure XS is the duality of a man with a noble upbringing and sexual power. He merges decency and daring, vice and virtue with magnetic results.

He’s a man who has it all, excessively. Wealth and beauty, with his whole life ahead of him a desirable heir with every advantage that surpasses perfection. Clearly well cultured and an aesthete, his life is a work of art on a par with his destiny and so is his body.

The name indulges in extremes, Pure, like the purity of masculine beauty or desire and eroticism. XS spells out sex and the excess of the character at the heart of the story, the reactions that he incites and the fragrance that oscillates between freshness and fire.




In 2013, Paco Rabanne opened a sensational new chapter in the annals of men's fragrances. Its name: Invictus, a clarion call of masculine power, from the Antiquity to our days — the all-conquering hero, indomitable and invincible. His virility is raw, almost animalistic. He is what men aspire to and women desire.

Paco Rabanne fragrances love to tell stories, creating a new world for each fragrance —worlds where they can express their values to the full. With Invictus, Paco Rabanne is looking beyond the typical ways of showcasing freshness and telling a genuine story: the contrast of a fresh marine accord and an inviting sensuality.

Once again, the bottle lends new layers of meaning to a deceptively simple object: a collector’s item, an eye-catching and timeless trophy, that is both a unique victorious symbol and a real fragrance bottle.

In 2015, Paco Rabanne has written a new chapter with Olympéa, an extraordinary feminine fragrance. Faithful to his innovative values, where provocation reveals the spirit of the time, Paco Rabanne has imagined unique, irreverent sensuality that nothing and no one can resist. This modern-day Cleopatra is the queen of queens, the woman of all victories, the absolute icon.

In 2016, two vast doors swing open, and Olympéa enters like a queen and sinks into the turquoise water.

At the height of his victory, Invictus savours a new triumph while two naiads are pouring water over his heated neck.

It’s time to relax for the power couple ! They are enjoying the freshness of the Olympian baths… The name of this 2016 limited edition: Olympéa & Invictus Aqua.

With those olfactory variations of Invictus and Olympéa, Paco Rabanne aims at adding luminosity, capturing freshness at its height.




Paco Rabanne and metal, Paco Rabanne and light, Paco Rabanne and gold: an enduring love story recounted in evocative bottles and seductive fragrances.

In 2008, Paco Rabanne dropped a gold ingot in the world of perfumery. 1 MILLION is the fantasy of the good life supported by a strong and unexpected olfactory signature and an offbeat communication campaign. The famous gentleman snapper is born.

In 2010, the brand revealed its feminine alter ego Lady MILLION, just as playful and subversive. Flamboyance, passionate glamour and ostentatious pleasure were the name of the game. The bottle in the shape of a facetted diamond contributed to this dazzling new success.

In 2012, the Absolutely Gold versions in absolute concentrations came to enrich the MILLION universe.

Gold, more gold, and yet more gold! Introduced in 2013, 1 MILLION Intense unites all the attributes of seduction: the fantasy reaches its climax.

A new chapter is opening up in 2014: Lady MILLION Eau My Gold!, a tribute to freshness and sparkling expression of femininity.One year later, 1Million Cologne is taking us into a fantasy full of delirious and extravagant freshness, an uninhibited and exaggeratedly opulent world on the trail of a gentleman thief.

2016 welcomes the arrival of 1Million and Lady Million Privé: Red carpet, photographers and spotlights. Hollywood, Paris, London, Saint Petersburg. Luxury, opulence, glamour, vacuity.

Together, they run, get lost and hide. She's the Bonnie to his Clyde. In the line of fire is the pure pleasure of maddening, invigorating adrenaline that thrives on shivers.

A safe opens with a snap of the fingers. Sparkling, intense and precious: the famous gold bar and the insolent diamond.




Over twenty years ago, "XS" marked the birth of a dynasty. Ten years later, Black XS was born, followed two years later by its feminine alter ego, Black XS for her. This couple would set out to conquer the spirit of rock 'n' roll.

Since 2005, Black XS has been creating a splash in the music world, accompanying rock festivals worldwide, getting the public up on stage with their idols...

In 2014, it became a producer with its eponymous label "Black XS Records", which looks to showcase the talents of tomorrow.

A great rock 'n' roll idea that in 2014 and 2015 allowed ten groups to record two cover albums of legendary tracks.

In 2016, with the launch of Black XS L.A., the Black XS torch is being passed onto two young talents from the rock music scene: fierce Sky Ferreira and spirited Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis.

"Rock on!" is the name of the game for this young couple.

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