CH Carolina Herrera universe represents the perfect combination between an aristocratic luxury and the gift of elegance. A cosmopolitan state of mind that blends style with a cheerful panache, self assurance and charisma.

The first fragrance of the CH range is an invisible accessory, the final touch, the last detail, the perfect balance between comfort and freshness. CH for men is a touch of spontaneous and contemporary elegance that the CH man takes with him everywhere he goes. CH L’Eau is a youthful variation on the CH lifestyle: natural, fresh and joyful. The essence of the CH Eau de Parfum Sublime woman is based on a combination of sensuality and spontaneity. Introduced in 2015, CH Men Privé is smoky and rich, with warm and spicy undertones, for a man who has irresistible charm.

With sensuality and evocative allure, the worlds of CH Men Privé and CH Carolina Herrera form an unmistakable duo. Classic and timeless, yet modern and intoxicating at the same time, they define elegance, luxury and passion. Together, the CH Privé man and CH Carolina Herrera woman combine the best of both worlds. He with his passion and presence, her with her grace and modern ease.

The new CH Carolina Herrera fragrance campaign has been shot by the world’s leading fashion photographer Mario Testino. Carolina Herrera de Baez and the photographer worked closely together on process of creation to see their vision come to fruition – “A story of seduction”. With his master’s eye, Testino captures the successful couple in their glamorous world.




Carolina Herrera fragrances express the prestige and glamour associated with the designer's name. Classic scents in the tradition of fine perfumery, they belong to what the House has named its Icon Universe.

Carolina Herrera classics encompass four fragrances lines: Carolina Herrera (launched in 1988), Carolina Herrera for Men (1991), Chic (2002) and Chic for Men (2004). These ranges share a harmonious blend of elegance, sensitivity, prestige and glamour. Each conveys the brand's essence in a different light, as facets of Carolina Herrera's distinctive personality.

The first fragrance, Carolina Herrera, is the perfect illustration of the intimate connection between the designer and her creations. It is the emblematic fragrance of the House of Herrera., with a soul of jasmine – the designer's favorite flower, beloved since childhood. The same personal spirit infuses all of the fragrances that compose the Icon Universe: a spirit of elegance, simplicity, timelessness and grace.

In 2015, the mother and daughter team embarked upon a very personal project aimed at merging the best of the traditional and the contemporary. The result is Herrera Confidential, an irresistible combination of elegance, emotion and authenticity that reflects both the designer’s Latin roots and the cosmopolitan spirit of today’s New York. This novel luxury collection consists of six fragrances and four essential oils that can be used individually or be mixed to create custom personal perfume.

Introduced in 2016, Good Girl is a sensual, evocative fragrance born of the beautiful contradictions and the ever-present duality of modern women and modern life. Good Girl celebrates her spontaneity, complexity and power with a potent fragrance that embodies her paradoxical nature and yet is, in itself, delightfully simple and addictive.

In 2017, Carolina Herrera de Baez once again challenges the world of perfumes. As a result of her tireless quest for creating beautiful scents, she devises Eaux de Toilette Confidential, an innovative collection of six ultra-luxurious juices part of Herrera Confidential.




Calling Manhattan: that's 212. The 212 range is a many-chaptered love story that links the House of Herrera with the city that never sleeps. In all its permutations, 212 is the scent of sensuality, passion and success – it encapsulates the spirit of the new urban party people, the cosmopolitan VIPs who make (and break) the trends.

Carolina Herrera de Báez, daughter of Carolina Herrera, inspired the 212 universe. In collaboration with her mother and with Puig perfumers, she developed a fragrance range for a young generation of urban nomads. The “it” crowd immediately adopted the new perfume, with its sleek double metal-and-glass bottle (one for my bag, one for my dresser).

The 212 universe has grown over the years, with several successful lines including 212 MEN in 1999, 212 Sexy in 2004, 212 Sexy Men in 2006. In 2010 came the launch of 212 VIP, a feminine fragrance that pays tribute to New York nightlife. Its companion, 212 VIP MEN, appeared a year later. Next up? In 2014 watch out for 212 VIP Rosé, the essence of the New York party princess…

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