Chapter background


The history of Puig is linked to the history of a city: Barcelona. From its first years of life to the present day, the important events lived in the Catalan capital were reflected in the progress of the company.

Barcelona grew, and with it so did Antonio Puig's business. The city fell under the spell of Art Deco and opened itself to the world with the Universal Exposition of 1929; the businessman acquired the rights to represent the famous 4711 Eau de Cologne and took another step in his independence.

Barcelona of the 1930s was a panorama of great changes and contrasts: From the euphoria of reaching one million inhabitants it moved to the drama of  civil war; after  the

sweet hangover of the Universal Expo it leapt into the workers' revolution. During this convulsive time, in which the intellectual and artistic spirit of the Noucentisme movement still lingered, Antonio Puig fulfilled a dream: he bought an estate in the town where he was born. Built during that decade, the house of Les Ginesteres was, along with his wife and the world of fragrance, "his great love and pride."

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