As family business with long-term vision, sustainability is a part of the Puig DNA and of the company’s way of doing business. “We are the stewards of our legacy,” states Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO.

From the start, Puig has been committed to building a sustainable future and respecting the environment. In 2014, as the company celebrated its 100th Anniversary, Puig took a major step forward, by announcing a company-wide program: the Sustainability Plan to 2020. Comprehensive, conceived for the long term, this blueprint sets forth clear commitments, objectives and timelines for improving the organization’s sustainability performance. The Plan covers five pillars of activity which address sustainability across the value chain:

  • - Product Stewardship
  • - Sustainable Sourcing
  • - Responsible Logistics
  • - Responsible Manufacturing
  • - Employees and Facilities

The plan sets concrete objectives to be achieved in each area by 2020.

The Puig Sustainability Program to 2020 approaches sustainability across the entire Puig value chain. It is based on five pillars of activity: Product Stewardship, which includes guidelines to optimize and reduce packaging and prioritizes the use of more sustainable materials and ingredients; Sustainable Sourcing, which extends the Puig environmental and social commitment to its suppliers and includes sustainability criteria in the qualification and prioritization of suppliers; Responsible Logistics, which seeks ways to reduce transportation emissions through process optimization in partnership with the logistic suppliers; Responsible Manufacturing, which aims to minimize negative effects caused by production on the environment; and the involvement of Employees and Facilities, with the objective of reducing the environmental footprint of company staff.

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